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Fresh air and emotions Louvre Hotels Group and Campanile Spain are committed to young talent in the hotel industry

by santipn

Fresh air and emotions

At the Louvre Hotels Impulse Meeting day, held today in Barcelona, a group of students, together with the hotel chain, had the chance reflect on how they will sell themselves when they venture into the labour market.

A group of students in their final year of the master’s degree in Hotel Management (CETT) from the UB, have today taken part in the Louvre Hotels Spain Impulse Meeting. The hotel chain organised this meeting with the aim of connecting with students studying tourism (in all fields), allowing them to get to know the Louvre Hotels chain -which includes Campanile- as a company committed to young talent and which opens doors for developing a professional career. “Louvre Hotels is a chain that is strongly committed to young people,” explained Camile Gil, marketing manager of Campanile Spain. “With this meeting, aside from learning about our philosophy, we wanted to offer them tools so they can reflect on how they will sell themselves to companies when they finish their studies, and what they will give out on an emotional level,” she added.

The students invited to the Impulse Meeting first attended a talk on Personal Branding, given by publicist Marta Royo Espinet, CEO of Mosaiking Comunicació. Afterwards, they took part in a workshop in which Xiao Ferron Cheng, from Louvre Hotels Group, presented Fast & Curious, a paid work experience programme, where students gain experience working in various positions, hotel categories and countries. A further initiative of Louvre Hotels, affiliated with Jin Jiang International, is inspired by the legendary basketball team, the Los Angeles Lakers, through the creation of the hotel group’s own committee, “Young Core”. Each year a select group of young graduates is given the opportunity to become involved in the hotel’s executive board and in its operations. It is an immersive training which offers the young graduates a unique opportunity to assimilate, on the hotel floor and in the management office, a collection of abilities and real experiences.

The students then took part in a form of speed dating, with people from different professional profiles -from CETT professors to managers of different Campanile Hotels in Spain and the country manager of the chain in Spain-, to learn about the experience of experts in the world of tourism and hotel management first-hand.

The high-tech element of the day was provided by the company Imotion Analytics, with the presence of Óscar Peón Rojo, expert in neuromarketing. During an interview of a few minutes, students had the chance to learn about the emotions they spontaneously transmit to the person they are speaking to. They were monitored via sensors which analyse facial expressions, providing the students, who will soon be entering the world of work, with a very useful piece of data. It also gave them an experience in which Louvre Hotels is seeking to emphasise the importance of emotional transmission in the hotel industry, especially now that more tasks are becoming automated.
Imotion Analytics has been collaborating with Campanile Hotels since 2018, in an experience which focuses on improving client experience. A system has been introduced into some of their hotels, which combines video with infrared and detects the emotional reaction of the guests. The aim of this measuring system, pioneering in the hotel sector, is to emphasise positive emotions as the main focus of hotel activity, and to improve customer service protocols.

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