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Campanile’s journey towards #ZeroWaste

by santipn

At Hotels Campanile Spain we have begun a new journey. 

The chefs, guided by professionals from Te lo Sirvo Verde, specialists in sustainable catering, and from CETT-UB Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy Campus, Barcelona, have set out on the path towards a new destination. They are taking on the challenge of achieving Zero Waste, the common thread of our third meeting of chefs from Campanile Hotels Spain, which took place a few days ago in Hotel Campanile Barberà (Barcelona).

What does the challenge involve? Reducing our environmental footprint, living without plastic and following the #ZeroWaste movement; things which aren’t always easy. This new trend requires experience and knowledge of the sector, this is why talks were organised with those who are already on this path, so that our journey is a productive one and we can get to where we want to be.

Furthermore, at Hotels Campanile Spain, we have begun to manage our kitchens and the services we provide in a sustainable and efficient way. We are transferring these new habits to all our team members in order to generate a positive impact in everyone, for everyone, and for the world around us.

According to Felipe Celis, Professor at CETT-UB, Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy Campus, “When you cook, sometimes innovation leads us back to tradition.

Infront of the cooker, he showed us practical ways to reduce the amount of food that is thrown away. Go back to using the stove, fresh produce, bulk buying, no packaging… cooking with innovation. If each of our team members transfers these habits to their work, the positive impact on our surroundings will be multiplied. 

We’re on our way to #sustainablecatering!

We have begun a new journey here at Campanile Hotels Spain. Are you going to join us?


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