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Fresh air and emotions, also in the media

by santipn
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This November Louvre Hotels Group and Campanile Spain feel very lucky to have engaged in an exciting future full of fresh air, with the young talent of the hotel industry.

During the Louvre Hotels Impulse Meeting, held in Barcelona a few weeks ago, we were able to learn about and reflect on the world of the hotel industry and how the latest trends are introduced, with a group of students in their final year of the master’s degree in Hotel Management (CETT) from the UB.

Joining them was made possible, not only thanks to the interest shown in the session itself (which included a dose of neuromarketing and personal branding), but also to the great job done in its communication which was developed from the communication strategy. Its content, along with the creative concept of the meeting, its graphic image and communication and diffusion, were vital to the day’s success.

The concept of the Impulse Meeting, on which the day was based, was significant and differential. It provided a boost for the employment of the young students of today and the professionals of tomorrow.

The communication and diffusion of the event, elaborated in a very personalised way through a great selection of media outlets and a well-chosen key message, has resulted in an interesting repercussion both in the general media (Onda Cero and Cadena Cope) and more specific media (HostelTour). As well as, of course, the powerful spokesperson of Campanile Spain (its blog, Campanile and You) and the CETT website.

Without both creativity and diffusion being effectively worked on, the amazing overall result would not have been possible. All together it has achieved an incredible multiplying effect, and from the very beginning proving that it was not just a simple workshop, nor just one more among all the workshops being held each day in this country. Impulse Meeting is unique. And as we speak, next year’s edition is already being developed.

The Impulse Meeting has been shared on (links)

Tira milles, Cope Catalunya (9-11-2019)

Gente Viajera, Onda Cero (10-11-2019)

Hosteltur (12-11-2019)

CETT (11-11-2019)

Mosaiking Comunicació (12-11-2019)

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